Saint Louis Zoo Mission

To conserve animals and their habitats through animal management, research, recreation, and educational programs that encourage the support and enrich the experience of the public.

Core Values


We are motivated by respect and concern for our surroundings; we're constantly improving our ability to sustain our animal collection, serve our community and conserve the world in which we live.


We embrace our unique history; we maintain excellence, innovation and community accessibility that are hallmarks of our past.

Customer Focus

We provide our guests with exciting, enriching and welcoming experiences that make the Zoo a fun place to visit again and again.


We are an international leader in animal management, research, conservation, exhibits, education and guest experiences.


This is a place of science, learning and education; we encourage everyone to use his knowledge to promote the conservation of all species.


We expect and demand the highest standards of honesty, fairness and integrity in our interactions with our guests, supporters, volunteers, vendors and each other.


We foster an open exchange of ideas and information and advocate for all members of our team to be leaders in the pursuit of excellence.


We value the importance of diversity in nature, among animals and with all people.


We emphasize efficiency, quality and the optimal use of resources in all aspects of our operation, ensuring that we remain responsible guardians of the trust that our community places in us.