Geographical Range Europe and northern Asia, from Spain to Japan
Habitat Forested areas in hills and mountains
Scientific Name Aegypius monachus
Conservation Status Near threatened

This magnificent bird is known in Europe and in many other areas as the Eurasian black vulture.

When seen from the ground, this massive bird resembles a small plane as it patrols the skies on its nine-foot wingspan. The cinereous vulture soars all day on warm air currents in search of food, primarily animal carcasses. When it lands at a kill site, its imposing size and strong beak are enough to chase away other scavengers.

Many farmers think of cinereous vultures as pests. Despite their protected status, they continue to be hunted and poisoned throughout their range.

Did You Know?

These vultures prefer to live in mountainous regions; they’ve even been sighted on Mt. Everest!