"Santa Paws"

We've put together a list of some items that the animals at the Zoo would enjoy. While the Zoo provides food and shelter for the animals, the keepers create stimulating environments for them through the use of enrichment. They introduce new foods, smells and other "toys" into the animals' habitats to provide them opportunities to engage in natural behaviors.

So treat the animals at the Zoo by bringing them something they can sniff, stomp, chew or chase!

Online Amazon Gift Registry

See our registry on Amazon for items like heavy duty balls, buoys, treat toys and other specialty items.

From the Store

If you prefer to go out shopping, here are common items you can find at local stores. Click the links to download printable lists and take them shopping with you. You may also view the entire list here.

Supercenter Store

Perfumes, colognes & body spray
CDs (ocean, animal, bird sounds)
CD player 
Large Rubbermaid tubs 

See full list.

Home Improvement Store

PVC pipes (various sizes with caps)
1" Stainless steel chain in various lengths
Paper yard bags
Natural fiber rope
See full list.

Pet Store

Kong toys
Pet beds, cushions and quilts
Suet feeders
Hide boxes
See full list.

Toy Store

Bubble machines
Non-toxic Tempra paint
Sidewalk chalk
Various sports balls
See full list

Saint Louis Zoo Gift Shop

Boomer balls for a variety of animals are available for purchase at the Zoo's Safari Gift Shop. Proceeds from Zoo gift shops help support the animals and programs of the Saint Louis Zoo.

Gift Cards

Gift cards to Target, PetSmart, Petco, Art Mart, Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart are appreciated.

Shipping and Drop Off

If you would like to participate in the Animal Wish List, please bring your item to a Welcome Desk at the North or South Entrance. If you have any questions, please call (314) 646-4760.

Shipping address:
Saint Louis Zoo
Attn: Enrichment Committee
One Government Drive
St. Louis, MO 63110

Special Notes

All perishable items must be unopened and not past the expiration date. Thank you for not wrapping the gifts -- our zookeepers will take care of that!