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Annual Surveys

Contraception Database Survey

Because all contraceptives used in wildlife must be considered experimental, it is critical that records be kept on each method used, dose, date started, date ended, presence of opposite-sex in group, signs of estrous behavior, birth dates of any offspring born, abortions, date of death if an individual dies during treatment, and any other pertinent observations. Records must be included annually in the AZA Wildlife Contraception Center Survey. The resulting data will form the basis of the FDA reports and of Wildlife Contraception Center Recommendations. Failure to submit the Annual Survey will result in suspension from the trials. Each year a survey form is mailed to every institution requesting information from the previous year. Those for the MGA feed program will be mailed twice a year. Annual Survey reports should be returned to:

Mary Agnew, Program Coordinator
AZA Wildlife Contraception Center
Saint Louis Zoo
1 Government Drive
St. Louis, MO 63110 USA
314-646-4595; Fax: 314-646-5534

Hormone Monitoring

Monitoring hormones is a useful tool to aid in contraception. By analyzing hormone assays efficacy can be measured revealing to the WCC and the institution details on suppression. Reversibility can also be tracked through hormones. Though hormone monitoring is not required with contraception treatment it is encouraged. For more information on hormone monitoring at the Saint Louis Zoo click here.