Who Are We?

The AZA Wildlife Contraception Center (WCC) began as the Contraception Advisory Group in 1989. As the role of contraception in the management of captive breeding programs grew, the Advisory Group expanded its services and membership.

Home to the Advisory Group's co-chairs, the Saint Louis Zoo has contributed funds and resources to its operation, and in 2000, the AZA selected the Saint Louis Zoo as the site for the newly commissioned WCC.

The WCC includes scientists, veterinarians, and animal managers with research and management expertise in wildlife contraception.


Program Coordinator:

Scientific Staff:

  • Dalen Agnew, DVM, PhD, Dipl ACVP, Pathologist, Michigan State University
  • Corinne Kozlowski, PhD, Endocrinologist, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Linda Rhodes, DVM, FDA Regulatory Consultant

Commercial Partners:

Advisory Board:

Veterinarians and Physicians

  • Paul Calle, VMD, Dipl ACZM, Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Bruce Christensen, DVM, DACT, University of California, Davis
  • David Eisenberg, MD, MPH, Washington University School of Medicine
  • Lisa Harrenstien, DVM, DACZM, Consulting Veterinarian
  • Nadine Lamberski, DVM, DACZM, San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  • Anneke Moresco*, DVM, PhD, Denver Zoo
  • Luis Padilla, DVM, DACZM, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Linda Rhodes, DVM, FDA Regulatory Consultant
  • Sherman Silber, MD, St. Luke's Medical Center

Reproductive Physiologists

  • Henk Bertschinger, BVSc, PhD, University of Praetoria
  • Kimberly Frank, Science and Conservation Center
  • Cathy Herbert, PhD, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Jay Kirkpatrick, PhD, Science and Conservation Center
  • Linda Penfold, PhD, South-East Zoo Alliance for Reproduction & Conservation
  • Todd Robeck, PhD, Sea World San Antonio
  • Donal Skinner, PhD, University of Wyoming

Animal Managers

  • Sheri Horiszny, Director of Animal Care, Santa Barbara Zoo
  • Joe Knobbe, Zoological Manager/Primates, Saint Louis Zoo
  • Dusty Lombardi, Curator, Columbus Zoo
  • Ingrid Porton, Animal Management Consultant
  • David Powell, PhD, Associate Curator, Wildlife Conservation Society


  • Jan Dempsey, MS, Nestle Purina

Commercial Partners:

*Spanish Translator: Anneke Moresco, DVM, PhD, anneke_moresco@hotmail.com