Who: Grades 9 - 12
How many: After school/twilight prog: 30-120 students, plus chaperones.
Overnight prog: 30-55 students, plus chaperones.
Where: Exploration Outpost in the Orthwein Animal Nutrition Center and Zoo grounds.

Students explore the realm of the modern zoo and learn about the wide variety of career options within the Zoo setting. Participants will create their own "zoo" and will try their skills at managing endangered species. They will learn the importance of varying zoo animal habitats and diets, and might create enrichment materials for some of our Saint Louis Zoo animals. Additional activities include a night hike.

Overnight programs include: a pizza dinner, a morning stroll, breakfast, and souvenir.

Missouri Science Grade Level Expectations: 3B (9-11th) a, b, c, 3D (9-11th) b

For more information or to register, please contact the Overnight Programs Coordinator, at (314) 646-4614 or by e-mail at ebert@stlzoo.org.