Summer Snooze at the Zoo
Girl Scout Brownies: Mission ZooPossible

Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors, come spend a night at the Saint Louis Zoo. Spend a night at the Zoo while learning what goes on at the Zoo at night. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to spend the evening at the Zoo and help us save our native animals. You will embark on 4 missions around the Zoo grounds, each designed to save a different type of animal from frogs to butterflies. Each mission will show you how to take these techniques home to help animals your backyard or neighborhood. By the end of the evening you will have all the skills and materials needed to make your yard a certified wildlife habitat. Saving animals is “Zoopossible” with your help!

Who attends: Girl Scouts Brownies and their adult chaperones.
Fee: $37 per person
Maximum: 80 participants

 Summer Snooze Registration packet

CodeDateDay/TimePymt by Check
Pymt by Credit Card
N0613GS June 13, 2015 6:30 p.m. Sa-8:30 a.m. Su May 22, 2015
May 29, 2015
N0627GS June 27, 2015 6:30 p.m. Sa-8:30 a.m. Su June 5, 2015 June 12, 2015
N0710GS July 10, 2015 6:30 p.m. F-8:30 a.m. Sa June 19, 2015 June 26, 2015
N0724GS July 24, 2015 6:30 p.m. F-8:30 a.m. Sa July 3, 2015 July 10, 2015
N0725GS July 25, 2015 6:30 p.m. Sa-8:30 a.m. Su July 3, 2015 July 10, 2015
N0731GS July 31, 2015 6:30 p.m. F-8:30 a.m. Sa July 10, 2015 July 17, 2015
N0808GS Aug 8, 2015 6:30 p.m. Sa-8:30 a.m. Su July 17, 2015
July 24, 2015

For more information on our Snooze at the Zoo Overnights call Bridget Ebert, Overnight Programs Coordinator, at (314) 646-4614, or e-mail at

Private Under the Sea-lion Overnights

For families and organized groups with participants ages 5 and up

Join us for this amazing opportunity to sleep inside the Sea Lion Sound tunnel! We will explore some of our marine and freshwater life at the Zoo by visiting Chain of Lakes and the Herpetarium. We will end the night by laying out sleeping bags inside the tunnel. You will awake under the sea and, hopefully, under a sea lion!

Fee: $60 per person (minimum of 12 people)

Limited to 16 to 18 people in the sea lion tunnel. Maximum of 24 people (some will sleep in the cave area or by the sea lion windows).

Instructors: Zoo Staff

Please contact Bridget Ebert, Overnight Programs Coordinator or other overnight staff at (314) 646-4614 or for more information.

Do You Have a Mixed Age Group of Scouts?

If you have a scout troop/pack/den that has multiple age levels and our Snooze at the Zoo programs do not match your needs, you can schedule your own private scout overnight. When you schedule your own overnight we use the themes which we are currently offering but tailor them to match your needs. These overnights cost $40 per person and we require a minimum of 30 participants (this total includes scouts and adults) and a maximum of 60 participants.

Please contact Bridget Ebert, Overnight Programs Coordinator at (314) 646-4614 or for more information.

Girl Scout Brownie After School Badge Program

Do you want an exciting after school activity for your Scouts? Come to the Zoo for an after school badge program. Each program includes a live animal presentation as well as other fun activities that are designed to meet all the criteria for your badge. Scouts completing the activities will receive their badge at the Zoo.

Bugs Badge
Bugs help us in lots of cool ways. Explore the world of bugs and learn more about these little creatures that do so much. Let the Zoo's bug collection make earning this badge a bug-tactular time.

Pets Badge
Whether they're cute and cuddly, or slimy and scaly, pets are so much fun! If you hope to have a pet someday, use this badge to learn how to choose the pet that's right for you-and make sure it stays happy and healthy. Or find out how to take the best care of a pet you already have! You will also get the opportunity to create something special to provide comfort to animals in need.

Senses Badge (New!)
How different would exploring our world be if we had eyes like an owl or ears like a rabbit? Explore your own senses as you find out how animals use their senses to survive.

Who registers: Girl Scout Brownie Troops (max. 25 scouts and adults)
Times: Classes are offered on Weekdays from September to May
Fee: 60 minute program is $100
For registration information, please call (314) 646-4544, #6.


The Zoo’s Education Department offers tours seven days a week from September through May, unless otherwise noted. Tours are offered at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 2 p.m.

See Educational Tours for details and registration information.


Magnificent Missouri Wildlife

This 45-minute program explores Missouri wildlife through classroom presentation and contact with live animals. Classes available year round.