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Tuesday, June 16, 2015
in The Living World

6 p.m. Exhibits and cash bar
7:15 p.m. Dinner
8:30 p.m. Speaker Mace Vaughan

In celebration of National Pollinator Week, sit down to a special farm to table dinner to sample the many foods pollinators help provide. Sip mead and honey wine, enjoy a honey tasting, and peruse booths with information and activities related to pollinators.

After a buffet dinner, hear a presentation by Mace Vaughan, Pollinator Conservation Program co-Director for the Xerces Society.



  • Fruit platter with strawberry and Grand Marnier cream dipping sauce

  • Spring mix salad with watermelon, cucumber, feta with a roasted strawberry balsamic vinaigrette

  • Charred fava bean salad with shaved Asiago and lemon tarragon vinaigrette

Main courses

  • Sunflower encrusted swai fish with seared riesling grapes and strawberries
  • Garlic scape and cinnamon pesto rubbed chicken breast with grilled plantain and apple pasticcio
  • Butternut squash ravioli with fig, walnuts in a parmesan cream sauce


  • Roasted summer vegetable ragout — zucchini, squash, corn, cherry tomatoes, lima beans, green onions
  • Mustard and coriander roasted fingerling potatoes
  • Apricot almond cornbread


  • Blackberry and plum cornmeal shortcakes with lime crème fraîche


  • Coffee, tea
  • Mead


Sold out!


Free parking is provided on the North Lot on Government Drive. See Hours, Prices & Directions for driving directions.

Mace Vaughan Bio

Mace Vaughan, Xerces Society Pollinator Conservation Program Co-Director and Joint Pollinator Conservation Specialist to the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service's (NRCS) West National Technology Support Center. Mace has led Xerces' Pollinator Conservation Program since 2003 and acted as Joint Pollinator Conservation Specialist to the NRCS since 2008. In his tenure at the Xerces Society, the pollinator program has grown from a small pilot project on California farms to an international program implementing pollinator conservation projects across the US. Supervising thirteen pollinator conservation specialists and several consultants across the U.S., he now oversees the largest pollinator conservation team in the country.

His work with other staff at the Xerces Society and the USDA NRCS has led to the implementation of tens of thousands of acres of pollinator habitat on farms throughout the U.S. Through education and outreach events he has directly reached thousands of agency staff and farmers. He also has expertise in working to reduce the impact of pesticides on pollinators and was invited to serve on the steering committee for an international meeting of regulators, scientists, and industry to develop improved risk assessment strategies to better protect pollinators.

Mace has written numerous articles on the conservation of bees, butterflies, aquatic invertebrates, and insects, and is co-author of the publications Attracting Native Pollinators: Protecting North America's Bees and Butterflies, Farming with Native Beneficial Insects, and the Pollinator Conservation Handbook. He is the lead author of Farming for Bees: Guidelines for Providing Native Bee Habitat on Farms. He was a lecturer on honey bee biology and beekeeping at Cornell University, from which he holds Masters Degrees in Entomology and Teaching. Mace has conducted research into the behavior and community ecology of insects, and has worked as an insect wrangler and bee expert for PBS Nature.

He also is a native of St. Louis and graduate of University City High School.


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