Chairs: Susan Block and Jim Sansone
Honorary Chairs: Past Chairs of ZOOFARI Events for 50 years


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Susan Block                    

Jim Sansone                      

Molly Jones                         

Lee Kling                             

Helen Z. Liu                            

Jim Espy                              

Kay Neubauer                  

Jeff Jarrett                         

Steve Schankman           

Michael Hickey                 

Terese Portell                   

Bette Mueller                   

Lori Willis                            

Bonnie Halls                      

Christine Figge                 

Susan Kottler                    

Sam Orlando                     

Bryan Young                      

Jan Goldstein                    

Susan Krawll                      

Lisa Nouss                          

Joe Ambrose                    

Matt Geekie                     

Peggy Ritter                      

Shane Scott                       

Bill Schmidt                        

Jan Bobenhouse                            

Lois Crocker                       

Todd Tiefenauer

Carl Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Berges

Cynthia Billingsley

Shannon Bishop

Marion and Van Black

Tina Borgmeyer

Mary Brennan

Christy Brown

Cicardi and Susan Bruce

Candyce Butz

Millie Louise Cain

Paul and Amanda Cambridge

John Capps

Barry T. Cervantes

Christine Chadwick

Cathy Christ

Desiree Coleman

James and Joan Conway

Vanessa Foster Cooksey

Bill and Laura Courtney

Jeffrey T. Demerath

David M. Diener

Ellen Doiron

Mike Drury

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Farrell

Kathy Federico

Dale and Sharon Fiehler

G. Andrew Franz

Reggie Gahr

Marguerite Perkins Garrick

Bill and Julie Gerlach

Cathy Gidcumb

Linda Grayson

Donald Greer

Judith A. Griffin

Mrs. C. Richard Gulick

Steve Hays

Jay and Carolyn Henges

Dave and Wendy Henry

Brandon T. Hentze

Jim Hirschbuehler

Charlie and Marilyn Hoessle

Naretha A. Hopson

Rose Ann Howard

John M. Howell, Jr.

Victoria Iken

Nancy and Joe Imbs

Don and Trisha Imholz

Ken Johnson

Leo Kelly

Lisa Kemp

Jerry and Judy Kent

Lorraine Magney Kluesner

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Korn

Judy Kouchoukos

Kerrin and David Kowach

Lyda Krewson

Tom Kuypers

Linda J. Lee

Shannon Lemp

Ashley Loewe

Mark and Patricia Mantovani

Megan Martin

Gene McMahon

Donna McMahon

Bob and Donna Mills

Ron Moore

David L. Murphy

Susan B. Musgrave

Bert Neubauer

Jim O'Donnell

Neal F. Perryman

Cindy and Sandy Peters

Janice Phelps

Steve and Kim Pope

Maurice and Catherine Quiroga

Kitty Ratcliffe

Kimberly Anne Rayford

Dave and Nicole Ringenberg

Steve and Eva Roberts

Patricia Rouse

Marsha Rusnack

Angela Schaefer and Collin Cox

Andrea Powers Schankman

Katie Schankman

Frank Scheithauer

Jermal and Rachel Seward

Betty and Thad Simons

Michelle Smallmon

Barbara and David R. Smith

Megan Snyder

Dot Soldavini

Jack C. Taylor

Larry Thomas

Kathleen Thomure

Anne von der Heydt

Bonnie Weber

Barb Weinhardt

Davin Wenner

Jim Whalen

Barbara J. Wilson

Carol Wilson

Kathleen Woodworth

Dr. John A. Wright, Sr.

Sylvia A. Wright

Doug and Lynn Yaeger

Brad Zaffiri

Victor Zarrilli

Debby Ziegenbein

1965 Byrd Bean and Edward B. Mower, Jr.†
1966 Aloyse Heiss† and Mrs. Ralph A. Morriss†
1967 Dorinda Armstrong
1968 Susie Blotkty† and Jeanne Newhard†
1969 Carolyn Weld†
1970 Rita Levis
1971 Mrs. Eugene M. Reese† and S. E. Freund†
1972 Robert Hermann and Mrs. Donald H. Altvater†
1973 Nancy Johnston and Hal A. Kroeger
1974 Louis B. Susman and Mrs. Thomas E. Phelps
1975 Mary Louise Maechling and Richard F. Ford
1976 Marjorie Dozier
1977 Barbara Merollis and James F. Mauzé
1979 Pamela Gomes and Clarence C. Barksdale
1981 Hord Hardin II and Mary Louise Maechling
1983 Zane Barnes† and Melinda Twichell†
1985 Mary Schorr Behnke and B. A. Bridgewater
1987 Christine A. Chadwick and Robert Stupp†
1989 Samuel B. Hayes III and Mrs. Robert C. West†
1991 Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. and Judith Sutter Hinrichs
1993 Beth A. Louis
1995 Katy Z. Mullins and Des Lee†
1997 John Morton III and Peggy Ritter
1999 Dennis M. Jones and Jan Goldstein
2001 Susan B. Krawll and Steve Schankman
2003 Michael Ross†, Jan Goldstein, Susan B. Krawll, Peggy Ritter
2005 Robert R. Hermann, Jr. and Peggy Newman
2007 Marie Brauer and Andrew N. Baur†
2009 Judith A. Harris
2011 G. Andrew Franz and Jan Goldstein
2013 Barbara C. Archer and Steve Schankman