Take a journey along a mythical waterway through four continents to discover how wildlife, plants and people interact. River's Edge is the Saint Louis Zoo's first immersion exhibit -- a lushly planted naturalistic environment showcasing multiple species from around the world. As you enter the 10-acre exhibit, you'll become immersed in the animal's habitats -- watching hippos float gracefully underwater, rhinos wallowing in the mud and elephants playing beneath a waterfall. See baby Asian elephants Maliha, Jade and Kenzi. With educational "field stations" and limited barriers or buildings in sight, River's Edge invites you to learn more about the world in which we live. Enjoy your trip to River's Edge. You never know what's just around the bend...

Bends of the River

South America bush dogs, capybara, giant anteater
Africa Savanna black rhino, carmine bee-eater
Africa Nile hippos, hyenas, cheetahs, and mongoose
Asia Asian elephants including Raja, our only male elephant
North America Missouri wetland, Missouri River aquarium

Food & Shopping

Along the waterway, you may also want to sip a refreshing drink at Hippo Hideaway, grab a delicious meal at River Camp Cafe or find a favorite keepsake from Hippoporium.

Train Station

The Zooline Railroad has a station located at the entrance to River's Edge.

River Camp Facilities

At the end of the trail is River Camp, a conference/banquet facility for meetings and special events. The Event Tent is located nearby for special events.