Just beyond the river is the center of the African savanna. Here you'll encounter black rhinos and carmine bee-eaters.

Follow the fat little beetles that are pushing around balls of dung to find a pair of black rhinoceros roaming through Rhino Reserve. The dung beetles love to hang around areas where rhinos deposit and scrape their dung. The rolling habitat at River's Edge has several vantage points that let you gaze at the formidable rhinos as they wallow in the mud under a small waterfall. The cool water carries away their heat and protects them from insect bites.

You'll be safer to keep your head up, though. It's hard to miss that carcass of a dead impala in the treetops. It was probably dragged up there by a leopard, one of the only African hunters strong enough to stash its kill in a tree where it's safe from other predators.

A colony of carmine bee-eaters shares its space with a busy beehive at River's Edge. This colony of birds live in cliffs near the riverbanks and catch flying insects to beat against the perch before eating.

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