Waterfalls cascade into a lazy river. A light fog crosses the mud path, embedded with animal footprints and leaves. In the distance is the sound of a bird call, then a monkey chattering. Overhead, oropendola nests sway in the breeze. You're now entering the riverbanks of South America.

The first animals you'll encounter at River's Edge are from Amazon backwater. The bush dogs, capybaras and giant anteaters all share a fragile ecosystem on which all are dependent for survival.

Look for the bush dog in its den, hidden in a hollow tree trunk. Although little is known on this terrier-size mammal, a watchful eye might see it chase its prey into the nearby water.

Sharing a backyard to the bush dogs, are the capybaras and giant anteaters. Watch the largest rodent in the world, the capybara, show-off it's excellent swimming and diving abilities in a nearby waterhole. Be quiet, however…when it hears danger, it dives beneath the water and hides! Also living in the swampy area are some giant anteaters. Do you see them digging up ant hills or termite mounds for food. They use their long tongues to stick and slurp up to 30,000 insects and their eggs in a day!

Find out what's around the next bend in Africa Savanna.

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