The Saint Louis Zoo

Enjoying an adventure every time you visit. Knowing a discovery will be made around each corner. You’re at the Saint Louis Zoo, a get-away destination that brings together more than 14,840* wild animals and 3,000,000 visitors each year.

Located on 90 acres in beautiful Forest Park, the Zoo is home to more than 603* species of animals, many of them rare and endangered. It is one of the few free zoos in the nation.

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*2015 census numbers

Animals Always

Since its inception in 1910, the Zoo has been renowned for its beautiful naturalistic exhibits and for its diverse collection of animals from the major continents and biomes of the world. It is widely recognized for its innovative approaches to animal management, wildlife conservation, research and education.

Through the Zoo’s WildCare Institute, the Zoo focuses on wildlife management and recovery, conservation science, and support of the human populations that coexist with wildlife in 12 conservation hotspots around the globe, including three in Missouri.

2002-2012 A Time of Transformation

Cover of Evolve publicationThe new "Evolve" publication illustrates our last several years of growth and achievement. It offers a quick review of the highlights of an eventful period for our Zoo, the years between 2002 and 2012. This publication shows that over the past several years, our Zoo has achieved notable status across the globe for our conservation initiatives. We've exploded in size, expanded our reach and become a leading attraction not only for St. Louis area residents but for visitors to our region.