November 20, 2018

Thankful Tuesday

November is a time of year when many of us reflect on things for which we are most thankful. As keepers, we are always thankful for the opportunity to take care of all our amazing animals, but this year, the animals at the Children’s Zoo decided that they wanted to share, too! #thankfultuesday #animalsalways




Hi! My name is Pablo, and I am thankful to be in the Children’s Zoo summer shows. My animal co-stars and I work really hard with our trainers to be the best performers we can be! I’ve learned how to walk on a leash and fool people into thinking I’m a dog by shaking with my hoof! When I’m not performing, you can find me in the goat habitat with all my friends. I love scratches and brushes from all our visitors.  #thankfultuesday #animalsalways




My name is Kasbeth. I am a Matschie’s tree kangaroo, and I am thankful for my hammock. Most mornings you can find me here, curled up and resting. My keepers recently gave my habitat a makeover with all new trees and branches for me to climb on, but they made sure to keep a hammock for me because they know it’s my favorite. Come by and check out my newly remodeled home. It’s just one way my keepers provide me with enrichment to keep things exciting. #thankfultuesday#animalsalways 



Hi! My name is Takoda, and I am a Harris’ hawk. I am thankful for my trainers who work with me every day. Each day, I get to fly in order to hunt for my food, just as I would in the wild! When I am not training, I get to spend time with my sister, Kohana. We enjoy the enrichment that our keepers provide for us daily. #thankfultuesday#animalsalways





Hi! My name is Hannah, and I am the Children’s Zoo dog. I am most thankful for my Forest Park walks every morning that my keepers provide. You see, after our staff meeting, I get to go on an adventure with one lucky keeper. In Forest Park, I sniff for squirrels and rabbits, dig in piles of leaves, and roll in the grass. I sure do love going on these adventures! When I am not in Forest Park, you may see me walking around the Children’s Zoo. I am part beagle, so my nose is almost always to the ground. In the summer, I am considered a star and perform in the Children’s Zoo Talent Show. I can bark, sit, lie down and spin. Hopefully you can see me perform or in Forest Park! #thankfultuesday #animalsalways


Hi! I’m Tucson, and I am a burrowing owl. I am most thankful for my adventure cart. I’m still in training, but my keepers say that one day I am going to be an ambassador animal for my species. So, every day they take me on a new adventure on my special cart. We go to classrooms and learning centers so I can prepare for my big day. I am so looking forward to meeting all the boys and girls at the Zoo and sharing with them the fun facts about my friends in the wild. #thankfultuesday #animalsalways




Hi! I’m Cyprus, a Eurasian eagle owl. I am thankful for the Horticulture team here at the Saint Louis Zoo. They make sure to save stumps and branches for me and all my feathered friends for perching in our habitats. I sure do love my stump! #thankfultuesday #animalsalways




Rainbow and Squeaky

Hi! We are Rainbow and Squeaky, and we are guinea pigs. We are thankful for our keepers because they always make sure that we have plenty of water and hay. They give us lots of love and attention, too. Our keepers are always there to help us meet all the wonderful people who come to visit us at the Children’s Zoo! #thankfultuesday#animalsalways