January 15, 2020

Animal care is at the heart of what we do every day at the Zoo. Our curators and zoological managers from each animal unit selected their favorite 2019 accomplishment for animal care.
The Herpetarium had a great year in 2019! The Herpetarium staff successfully reproduced Ocellete mountain vipers, Lake Titicaca frogs, the Rio Pescado stubfoot toad, Armenian vipers, Tokar habus and Ozark hellbenders. There are also several new exhibits at the Herpetarium that opened in 2019, two of which are the new habitat for shingleback skinks and the recently renovated puff adder habitat.
We celebrated many accomplishments through the Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute. Our Zoo acquired several new species of endangered Ecuadorian amphibians as part of the WildCare Institute Center for the Conservation of Ecuadorian Herpetofauna. Four of these species can be seen at the Herpetarium. We hatched over 700 hellbenders and released over 1,300 back into rivers in Missouri as part of the Ron Goellner Center for Hellbender Conservation, part of the WildCare Institute. In addition, the WildCare Institute Center for Conservation in Western Asia celebrated the grand opening of the Armenian Conservation Breeding Center, which is focused on helping reptiles and amphibians on the brink of extinction in Armenia.

2019: The Year in Animal Care – Birds

2019: The Year in Animal Care – Red Rocks