March 25, 2020

Merry & Bright

The world may seem dark and gloomy right now, so let’s take a look back to when it was “merry and bright.” Just three months ago, the Zoo was decked out in one million lights for the holidays. For two minutes, let’s all go back in time when the campfires were warm and toasty, the hot chocolate overflowing and the Zoo sparkled with a holiday glow. #BringTheStlZooToYou

A Walk Through The Flight Cage

#KeeperPerspective The 1904 World’s Fair Flight Cage is one of the most distinguishable structures at the Saint Louis Zoo and home to a number of North American bird species. Recently, one of our bird keepers was greeted by two double-crested cormorants as they walked through the Edward K. Love Conservation Foundation Cypress Swamp habitat. #BringTheStlZooToYou