April 03, 2020

Penguins vs The Scale

#KeeperPerspective Time for a weigh-in! Keepers routinely weigh our penguins to monitor their health. The birds are accustomed to the scale and some are a little ambitious about being weighed. BringTheStlZooToYou

St. Louis On The Air

Yesterday Saint Louis Zoo director Michael Macek talked about how the Zoo is operating during this time and still providing the best possible care for our animals.  #BringTheSTLZooToYou

Listen to the Interview

Turtle Tracking

The Saint Louis Zoo Institute for Conservation Medicine team recently started their spring health checks of box turtles in Forest Park. As the turtles wake from their winter period of brumation (the reptile form of hibernation), the researchers are able to locate them using radio telemetry methods. The turtles in the study wear a tracking device on their shells. Turtles know spring is in the air and they are just now emerging from their comfortable hibernaculums. These shelters under the grass, mud and leaves help to keep the turtles warm, or should we say less cold, than if they stayed up on the surface during winter. Last week, Lilian was peeking out and Baby J and Tom are all but ready to begin their warm weather movements throughout Forest Park. If you see a turtle crossing the road while driving, slow down. Only stop and move it in the direction it is heading if it is safe to do so.  #BringTheStlZooToYou