While the Zoo is closed to the public, we want to #BringTheStlZooToYou! We have asked our animal care team to share some photos and videos of our animals. Please keep in mind we will be operating under unusual circumstances and limited staff. Our first priority is the care and well-being of our animals, but when we can, we will be happy to add something fun and positive to your newsfeed!

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The Saint Louis Zoo has announced Saturday, June 13 as its reopening date for the public. Read full info: stlzoo.org/guestnotice

May 14, 2020

Make Tracks Remote Run

This Sunday would have been the 35th annual running of our St. Louis Children’s Hospital Make Tracks Through the Zoo. In light of COVID-19 and the Saint Louis Zoo temporary closure, the race is canceled.

There is still time to register for our remote run! Run or walk, while practicing social distancing, from any location you choose — your home treadmill, neighborhood sidewalk, road or trail between May 17 and August 1— and still get credit, a commemorative T-shirt and finisher’s medal. Don’t forget to tag us in your “race” photos using #IRanForTheStlZoo.

For more information and to register, visit stlzoo.org/MakeTracks 

Here is some inspiration for your remote run – video of the Zoo portion of the 5K! Thank you to all our sponsors and we hope to see you in 2021!

Hay for Raja

Did you know the Saint Louis Zoo goes through approximately $4,000 worth of hay a week?
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Our Animal Nutrition Department continues to deliver hay to our animals, including this delivery to the Elephant Management Facility for the elephants' consumption. Our Asian elephants eat so much hay that the barn would be full after a couple of deliveries! Bull elephant, and St. Louis celebrity, Raja, is enjoying some hay from a River's Edge habitat hay feeder. The feeder has a special timed feeding device installed behind it that allows the elephants to retrieve hay at different times throughout the day. #BringTheStlZooToYou

Sea Lion Training

#KeeperPerspective We usually train the sea lions three to five times per day, all year round, utilizing positive reinforcement training. The animals receive their daily diets through this process, either on stage, on exhibit or in our back areas. Food is used as the primary reinforcement, but the animals also seem to respond to verbal praise, clapping and high fives (what we call secondary reinforcers). Husbandry behaviors give the animals the opportunity to participate in their own health care. Some of our husbandry behaviors include: open mouth, teeth brushing, eye drops, flipper presents for visual exams and nail trimming, and dorsal (lying on belly) and ventral (lying on back) layouts for visual exams. We also desensitize the animals so the keepers are able to touch them for exams while they remain calm. Many of our husbandry behaviors are modified and used in our shows. #BringTheStlZooToYou

Peanut the Turtle

Recently, in conjunction with The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), Zoo assistant director of animal health, Dr. Chris Hanley, and veterinary resident, Dr. Kari Musgrave performed surgery on Peanut the Turtle. The ant-littering mascot is recovering and doing well. 
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