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All guests, including Zoo members, must now reserve free, timed tickets prior to visiting.

Review the Zoo’s reopening guidelines and make a reservation

We are excited to welcome you back to the Saint Louis Zoo!  When you are ready to visit, we're more than ready for you! Until then we are happy to continue to #BringTheStlZooToYou for you stay connected to your Zoo.

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June 08, 2020

Virtual Conservation Learning

Each week we are happy to offer new virtual conservation learning opportunities and STLZOOm webinars from our Education Department. Learn about our amazing Zoo, conservation efforts, ways to help animals and more through games, classes, tours, shows, activities and lectures.
Check out STLZOOMs and Virtual Conservation Learning for this week’s offerings and catch up on previous videos and activities.

Zoo Reservations

The Saint Louis Zoo reopens to the public this Saturday, June 13. All guests must now reserve free, timed tickets prior to visiting the Zoo.

Beginning today, June 8, reservations and guest information are available at

If you’re having difficulty with making an online reservation, please try again later. We are doing our very best to handle the incredible volume of interest for reservations. We appreciate your patience and we look forward to seeing you soon.

World Oceans Day

Today is #WorldOceansDay, a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. Join us virtually to learn how to prevent plastic pollution and create solutions for a healthy ocean. Follow along tomorrow as we celebrate #WorldOceansDay and check out fun videos and activities at World Oceans Day

Check out our "puffin" outside the Dennis & Judy Jones Family Humboldt Haven