June 11, 2020

Adventures of Andrus and Freeman

#KeeperPerspective Emerson Children’s Zoo alpacas, Andrus and Freeman, take regular walks around the Saint Louis Zoo with their keepers. Recently, they took a stroll past resident polar bear Kali and over to the Judy and Jerry Kent Family Sea Lion Sound to view the seals and pinniped keepers during a training/feeding session. 

Father to Be

Rani’s Journey: In October we announced that our 23-year-old Asian elephant Rani was pregnant and due to give birth this summer. In honor of Father’s Day on June 21, we wanted to acknowledge the “father-to-be,” 27-year-old Raja. Raja was the first elephant born at the Saint Louis Zoo, and the new calf will be the fifth offspring he's sired.
The Saint Louis Zoo is home to a multi-generational Asian elephant family. As we look forward to the addition of Rani’s calf, here is a look at our Asian elephant family tree.

Throwback Thursday – Spider Monkeys

#ThrowbackThrusday We put a GoPro inside of a suet basket feeder along with a whole banana for our spider monkeys, to encourage problem-solving behavior and manual dexterity with regard to foraging for food. We often put portions of their entire diet in suet feeders like this, but banana is one of their favorite foods and thus a particularly good motivator for getting some good footage of the interaction.Video: Ethan Riepl #BringTheStlZooToYou