June 15, 2020

Virtual Learning

Check out STLZOOMs and Virtual Conservation Learning for this week’s opportunities and catch up on previous videos and activities from our Education Department.
This week you and your family can learn about Raja, the first elephant born at the Saint Louis Zoo in a new episode of Zoo Animal Stories! (Ideal for PreK-3rd grade and families.)

A Moment of Zen

A minute of zen. Here are Asian elephants Donna, Sri and Pearl enjoying breakfast by the Berges Family Elephant Springs in their River’s Edge habitat. #BringTheStlZooToYou

Little Beetles on the Prairie

Saint Louis Zoo-bred American burying beetles are on their way to their new home on the Taberville Prairie in southwest Missouri today. This weekend the Zoo invertebrate staff prepared the 80 beetles (40 pairs) for the journey, which included pairing up male and female beetles, notching the beetles' elytra (wing cover) for identification in future surveying, and transferring the beetles to travel-size containers. Our dedicated animal care staff packed up the beetles and drove them to the conservation site for reintroduction. The reintroduction process involves digging holes, or plugs, at specially selected sites, placing the carcass of a quail and a pair of notched beetles in each cavity and replacing the plugs. This project is jointly managed by the Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute Center for American Burying Beetle Conservation, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Missouri Department of Conservation, and The Nature Conservancy. You can read more about the American burying beetles and previous reintroductions here.