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June 17, 2020

Meet Diwai

#KeeperPerspective Introducing one of the Emerson Children Zoo’s newest residents, Diwai, a Matschie's tree kangaroo. Diwai came to the Zoo on a Species Survival Plan recommendation. He is a young male and not yet ready to breed. Diwai is sweet and calm, loves to train with his keepers, loves to go outside and absolutely loves all enrichment! He is a great addition to the Children’s Zoo. #BringTheStlZooToYou


Can you come back out and play? Nelson, Ingozi, Ella, Jo, Raja and all the animals are excited to welcome you back!
To help maintain social distancing, we won't be able to see quite as many of you each day, so be sure to make a free reservation before your visit.
Also, keeping the health and safety of everyone in mind, we’d like to point out that a few changes have been made to our park operations. For the full details and to RSVP visit:
We hope to see you soon!
The Animals of the Saint Louis Zoo

World Giraffe Day Enrichment

World Giraffe Day is this Sunday! It's a special day to share how the Zoo cares for our giraffes  and giraffes in the wild. We plan to treat our three giraffe ladies, Ella, Lily, and Sukari, with extra enrichment. Enrichment is something that encourages an animal's natural behaviors and improves their physical and mental health. Sometimes we adjust our enrichment to make it more challenging for the animals. For our giraffes, we have a lot of enrichment that encourages the use of their 18-inch-long tongue when feeding. Can you help the keepers decided what enrichment to give to the giraffes? Vote below and we'll share the video of how much our giraffe ladies appreciate your choice on Monday, June 22 with other special #WorldGiraffeDay celebration posts. #BringTheStlZooToYou

Option 1:

Food: Complete nutrition grain                     

Challenge: Eat around the Wiffle balls out of the paper bags

Option 2:

Food: Browse

Challenge: Pull the browse out of the paper bags

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Johnny and June

Johnny and June, our pot-bellied pigs take frequent walks around the Emerson Children Zoo, even stopping to say hi to the alpacas! #BringTheStlZooToYou