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June 22, 2020

Conservation Learning

Check out STLZOOMs and Virtual Conservation Learning for this week’s virtual conservation learning opportunities and catch up on previous videos and activities from our Education Department.

This week you and your family can learn about Jontu, a western lowland gorilla at the Saint Louis Zoo in a new episode of Zoo Animal Stories! (Ideal for young children and families. 

And the Winner is...

Yesterday was #WorldGiraffeDay and we are celebrating all day today! Last Wednesday, our Facebook followers voted on which enrichment our giraffes should receive on World Giraffe Day. Since it came down to three votes, here is Ella, Lily, and Sukari enjoying both the browse and complete nutrition! Giraffes have 18-inch-long tongues they use to grab leaves off of trees. It can be challenging to avoid thorns and to reeeaaach for the last leaves at the very tip-top of the acacia trees. In fact, it can take hours in the wild. We mimic this with our various giraffe enrichment feeders, our browse program, and by offering the giraffes small amounts of food multiple times throughout the day. #BringTheStlZooToYou

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The Saint Louis Zoo cares for our giraffe herd here at the Zoo and giraffes in the wild! The Saint Louis Zoo Wildcare Institute has  17 conservation centers around the world. Two of them have done work with giraffes in recent years. In other words, we #StandTallForGiraffe. 

WildCare Institute Center for Saharan Wildlife Recovery supported a joint project of the Sahara Conservation Fund and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. "Operation Sahel Giraffe" was the reintroduction of the West African giraffe to an area of Niger that hadn't had giraffes for almost 50 years! The eight giraffes were carefully moved 500 miles to their new home. The West African giraffe is the most endangered species of giraffe, with around 800 individuals in the wild!

The WildCare Institute Center for Conservation in the Horn of Africa is a major partner with @The Great Grevy's Rally, which does a population census of endangered Grevy's zebras in Northern Kenya every two years. In the 2018 Great Grevy's Rally, the teams additionally counted reticulated giraffe in the region. The reticulated giraffe, the species found at the Zoo, has declined by 80% in the last 30 years, so watching their population trends is extremely important!

Additionally, keepers Erin Haycraft and Jeremy Martin were supported by the Saint Louis Zoo Antelope Department in their travels to Uganda and Namibia, respectively, to assist the Giraffe Conservation Foundation with the attachment of GPS units to the ossicones of wild giraffes. 

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Photo 1:

Antelope Keeper Jeremy Martin traveled to Namibia with the Zoo's support in 2018 to assist in the attachment of GPS units onto 10 southern giraffes. This will help the Giraffe Conservation Foundation better understand the movement of the giraffes over the landscape and the family groups of the region.

Photo 2: 

Curator of Mammals Tim Thier, as well as keepers Lauren Harster and Joshua Sydney-Smith took photos for the reticulated giraffe census in 2018  as part of the Great Grevy's Rally. The giraffes can then be identified by their patterns. The Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute Center for Conservation in the Horn of Africa is a major partner of the Great Grevy's Rally.

Giraffe Enrichment

All the animals at the Saint Louis Zoo receive amazing veterinary care. To assist in this process, we ask the animals to help us help them by training useful husbandry behaviors. Being able to communicate to the animals that we need to take X-rays, blood, or weigh them isn't as easy as when your doctor tells you with words at your appointment. It can take months of bonding and slow steps to get this message across. When the giraffes let us open up panels to examine their feet and hooves, when they let us touch their necks and even take blood, they always receive a treat as a thank you for their cooperation. Watch our giraffe trainers working with our giraffes Ella, Lily and Sukari and you can see the patience and care it takes to keep our animals healthy.

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