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July 21, 2020

Zookeeper Week Spotlight on Herpetarium Keepers

The animal keepers at the Charles H. Hoessle Herpetarium have continued to offer excellent animal care through the pandemic. This is evident by our continued efforts to conserve both Ozark and Eastern hellbenders. Over 500 animals have been released into their native habitats this year despite the increased challenges of COVID-19. Additionally, we have put together several new habitats for our Zoo guests, including exhibits for Central American bushmaster, Madagascar ground boa and splendid leaf frogs.

Zookeeper Week Spotlight on Primate Keepers 

While it may have seemed like the world stood still this spring, life for the primates and primate keepers at the Saint Louis Zoo barely slowed down. Primate keepers are used to wearing masks, as it’s a normal part of their uniform working so closely with their “animal cousins,” but as you can see, social distancing was added to help keep everyone safe. During the Zoo’s closure to the public, the keepers continued to use their creativity and culinary skills to celebrate animal milestones, like these yummy birthday treats for the orangutans in honor of Merah’s 51st birthday on May 13. Also in Jungle of the Apes, progress is being made on adding special platforms and perching to help our 47- and 49-year-old chimp ladies get around more easily. Our oldest chimp, Rosie, is enjoying the new additions. And in the Primate House, in addition to the daily great care the monkeys and lemurs receive each day, our Zoo fans stepped up and participated in our Monkey Mania contest online, crowning the adorable cotton-top tamarin as the champion!