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July 23, 2020

Zookeeper Week Spotlight on Invertebrate Keepers

Hello from our Trinidad chevron tarantula here in the Bayer Insectarium! Although the Insectarium has been closed to the public for the last few months, our team of five keepers has continued to provide excellent care to the 100+ species of insects, arachnids, and other invertebrates that call the building home.

Since March, we are proud to have welcomed over 600 newborn walking stick insects hatched from eggs in our nursery, released 40 pairs of federally endangered American burying beetles back into the wild, and cared for f four-month-old butterflies (elderly by most butterfly standards) that continue to enjoy fruit and nectar in the Mary Ann Lee Butterfly Wing. 

Zookeeper Week Spotlight on Bird Keepers

While this year has had its challenges for our Bird Keepers, you would never know if you looked around the Bird Department. We cannot say enough good things about our knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated keepers. They have rolled with all of the changes and continued to provide the highest quality of care to the animals under their care. This is especially evident if you look at all of the chicks that have hatched over the past few months. Just to name a few, superb starlings, cape thick-knees, great egrets and crested wood partridge, which are several species that we have not bred in quite some time.


Zookeeper Week Spotlight on Antelope Keepers

From the tiniest Speke’s gazelle to our tallest giraffe, the Antelope Team works hard to care for the Zoo’s hooved animals, marsupials and birds that live with them. Our crew of 11 full-time keepers perform a huge variety of tasks every day! While we care for the needs of our animals through cleaning, behavioral husbandry programs, and assisting in veterinary procedures, we also take care of basic maintenance in our buildings and habitats and help with research and conservation projects both here at the Zoo and across the globe.