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January 29, 2021

International Zebra Day Takeover

Gemma, one of our Grevy’s zebras here at the Saint Louis Zoo, is excited to share that this Sunday is International Zebra Day! Follow along today and visit all weekend long to learn more about our zebras here and in the wild.  #InternationalZebraDay #KeeperTakeover

Did you know that you can identify zebras by their unique stripe patterns? Every zebra has a unique stripe pattern, just like human fingerprints! Scientists and animal keepers use these unique patterns to tell individual zebras apart, both in the wild and in zoos.  

Wildlife organizations use this method to help monitor the Grevy’s zebra populations in northern Kenya. The right side of each zebra is photographed, then these photos are loaded into a computer database that can identify each individual as well as its age and sex. Check out for more activities and information on the work the Saint Louis Zoo does for Grevy's zebras!  #InternationalZebraDay #KeeperTakeover

You may think that all zebras act alike, but just like their stripes, all of their personalities are different. All of our zebras have their own mannerisms and quirks that make them unique. Visit to learn about our seven female Grevy’s zebras, and let us know what zebra you are most like in the comments!   #InternationalZebraDay #KeeperTakeover

Yes, a lot of a keeper’s day is cleaning up after the animals, but there is a lot more to being a keeper and taking care of a zebra. What do zebras eat? How does the veterinary staff take care of them? How do we enrich them? How do we make sure those cute foals are healthy? Visit to learn more about the Grevy’s zebra at the Saint Louis Zoo and how keepers take care of them.  #InternationalZebraDay #KeeperTakeover

The Saint Louis Zoo is home to Grevy’s zebra, but there are three species of zebra: plains, mountain and Grevy's. To learn more about the different species, visit and join in on our special International Zebra Day activities.