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March 02, 2021

Monkey Mania!  

#StlZooMonkeyMania is back! Our primate keepers have selected eight monkey species to be featured in a friendly online voting competition. The champion will be featured on our social media and have the Primate House named after them for the day! First up in our Arboreal Eight is the Francois/spectacled langurs vs. the white-faced saki.

Langurs are generally soft-spoken and don’t say much to each other outside of alarm calls, whereas tactile communication plays a much more significant role in maintaining relationships within the group.  Social grooming makes up most of the day not spent eating and sleeping, and individuals resolve conflicts with awkward, forceful hugging.

Saki monkeys make different alarm calls depending on the type of predator that is looming. A smaller predator will result in a “mobbing” from multiple sakis to scare the predator away. On the other hand, if an eagle is involved, sakis tend to flee from sight without making much noise, to not draw attention to themselves. Talk about intuition!

Which do you feel has the most unique vocalizations?

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