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March 15, 2021

#StlZoo Species Spotlight

This week’s Species Spotlight: European Green Toad

Scientific Name:  Bufotes viridis

Geographical Range: Europe (east of the Rhine River), western Asia, northern Africa

Habitat: Various habitats, including prairies, semi-deserts, mountain areas, urban areas

Conservation Status:  Common

Home at the Zoo: Charles H. Hoessle Herpetarium

Fun Fact: This amphibian is known as the “changeable toad” because it can change its color in response to light and temperature changes. The species is also found within the area in which we conduct work through the Saint Louis Zoo WildCare Institute Center for Conservation of Western Asia.  

Photo: JoEllen Toler #StlZooSpeciesSpotlight

Emerson Dinoroarus

Something big is coming to the Saint Louis Zoo!
Rain did not stop today’s early morning delivery of the 16 different groupings of animatronic and stationary dinosaurs that will call the Saint Louis Zoo home for the next couple of years. The dinosaurs will join live animals, including: North American river otters, tasmanian devils, fish, moon jellies, sea stars, urchins, coral, sponges and anemones in this new seasonal exhibit.
Emerson Dinoroarus, a dynamic temporary exhibit at the Saint Louis Zoo, opens to the public on Saturday, April 17. Dinoroarus tickets may be purchased at Zoo entrances and attractions when the exhibit opens. Zoo members may use their member tickets or premium member tickets for admission to the attraction.
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