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March 16, 2021

#StlZooMonkeyMania continues! Our primate keepers have selected eight monkey species to be featured in a friendly online voting competition. The champion will be featured on our social media and have the Primate House named after them for the day! Next up in our Arboreal Eight is the Allen’s swamp monkey vs. golden lion tamarin. Which do you feel has the most unique vocalization?

Swamp monkeys exhibit a wide range of vocalizations, including a sharp chirp when frightened, gentle lip smacking while grooming one another, and a loud trill-like scream used as a greeting or for locating other members of the group. 

Is that a bird you hear? Not this time! Golden lion tamarins have multiple types of vocalizations, including whines, peeps, clucks and trills. They actually sound more like birds than typical monkeys. Most of their calls are for announcing their territory or sounding an alarm to other tamarins. Listen for them next time you visit the Primate House; if you think you hear a bird inside the building, that's them!

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Photos: Ethan Riepl