March 26, 2021

Species Spotlight

This week’s Species Spotlight: Malayan sun bear

Animal Name: Rimba

Scientific Name: Helarctos malayanus

Geographical Range: Southern China, Malaysia, eastern India, Indonesia

Habitat: Lowland rain forests

Conservation Status: Vulnerable. The number of sun bears has declined because of habitat loss, as well as hunting for the pet market and medicinal trade. 

Home at the Zoo: River’s Edge

Fun Fact: Sun bears can extend their exceptionally long tongues, which can measure 8 to 10 inches, to extract insects and honey. 

Photo: JoEllen Toler #StlZooSpeciesSpotlight

March Madness

Rhinoceros hornbill Liam is getting into the March Madness spirit with his basketball squeaky toy. #marchmadness #collegebasketball