April 06, 2021

Monkey Mania

#StlZooMonkeyMania concludes with our final matchup!

Our primate keepers selected eight monkey species to be featured in a friendly online voting competition, and we are down to the Finals! The champion will be featured on our social media and have the Primate House named after them for the day! The final matchup is between the Guereza colobus monkey and the golden lion tamarin!

Our final question is perfect for any sports-themed bracket – Which do you feel has the best defense or threat response?

When threatened, colobus click their tongue off the roof of their mouth to make a clacking noise intended to scare off predators.


Golden lion tamarins might look small, but when threatened they act mighty. If their stinky scent marking doesn't work, these tiny little monkeys will give a long stare, followed by a tail thrash and tongue-flick to warn everyone to leave them alone. They save their best display for last — they puff up their hair and strut around like a pro wrestler to tell other animals to back off.

Make your selection by choosing the photo of the monkey you think should be the top banana! Facebook.com/stlzoo