#BringTheStlZooToYou – March 27

March 27, 2020

Bear Awareness Weekend

This weekend would have been our annual Bear Awareness celebration with activities related to four bear species: Andean, Malayan sun, grizzly and polar.  One of the highlights for visitors is a chance to interact with  Zoo staff and learn about the different species,  bear adaptations and the chance to touch and see animal biofacts. Zoo Educator Lisa Lidgus has provided with us a virtual Bear Awareness Weekend chat! Watch the video and learn about bear teeth and fur. #BearAwareness #BringTheStlZooToYou

Virtual St. Louis

Looking to enjoy some of your favorite St. Louis institutions from the comfort of your home? Explore St. Louis has compiled this terrific resource that allows you to experience a #virtualstlouis Check out their list, which includes our #BringTheStlZooToYou blog.

Explore St. Louis Virtual St. Louis

A Grizzly Ridge Hello

#KeeperPerspective Grizzly bear Finley is spending her time playing, while taking frequent breaks and napping throughout the day. She and her brother, Huck, are patiently awaiting the reopening of the Zoo to the public. Every day keepers are working hard to ensure the animals stay happy and healthy. We continue to service habitats, give enrichment and keep things neat and tidy for the animals! – Jackie McGarrahan, Carnivore Keeper #BearAwareness #BringTheStlZooToYou

Earth Hour 2020

For the third year in a row, the Saint Louis Zoo will participate in World Wildlife Fund's #EarthHour. On Saturday, March 28, the Zoo will turn off nonessential lights, including the lights on the iconic Zoo pylon, for one hour to show solidarity for and a strong commitment to fighting climate change. The Zoo is joining millions of people around the world to show support for protecting our planet. If you're interested in participating, join us by turning off your lights for one hour, from 8:30-9:30 p.m.local time. 


#BringTheStlZooToYou – March 26

March 26, 2020

A Primate Social Announcement

And now another PSA – this time a Primate Social Announcement.

Our Sumatran Orangutans were inspired by Neil Diamond's advice – "hands...washing hands." Be sure to wash your hands for 20 seconds like our orangutans! #BringTheStlZooToYou

Takin Bubbles

Although the Zoo is closed to the public, keepers continue to enrich the animals every day, including offering bubbles to these Sichuan takins.  Pictured here are Yadier, who is 5 years old and weighs over 800 pounds, and his brother Xing, who is 3 years old and weighs over 600 pounds. Takins browse in the dense bamboo forests of China, a habitat it shares with the giant panda. These animals live in herds and have few predators besides humans. Their habits are not well known, partly because they live in such remote areas. #BringTheStlZooToYou

#BringTheStlZooToYou – March 25

March 25, 2020

Merry & Bright

The world may seem dark and gloomy right now, so let’s take a look back to when it was “merry and bright.” Just three months ago, the Zoo was decked out in one million lights for the holidays. For two minutes, let’s all go back in time when the campfires were warm and toasty, the hot chocolate overflowing and the Zoo sparkled with a holiday glow. #BringTheStlZooToYou

A Walk Through The Flight Cage

#KeeperPerspective The 1904 World’s Fair Flight Cage is one of the most distinguishable structures at the Saint Louis Zoo and home to a number of North American bird species. Recently, one of our bird keepers was greeted by two double-crested cormorants as they walked through the Edward K. Love Conservation Foundation Cypress Swamp habitat. #BringTheStlZooToYou