The Saint Louis Zoo regularly advertises requests for proposals for products and services.

Vendor Registration

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Invitation to Bidders

Whenever feasible and appropriate, the Zoo will also post listings of bid opportunities on the Web. We have two areas of bid opportunities - general, which includes goods and services for the day to day operations of the Zoo, and facilities, which include improvements to the Zoo's physical grounds.

  • The Saint Louis Zoo is asking for bids to provide emergency hydraulic services, as well as routine hydraulic maintenance services to the zoo for period of (5) years, beginning November 1, 2018.

    Scope of Work:

    The work to be done under this service agreement shall consist of furnishing all tools, materials, labor and equipment necessary to provide maintenance and repair services to the hydraulic systems at the Saint Louis Zoo Elephant Management Facility as described below.

    Semi- Annual Service and Inspection:

    1. Replace filters at each station – 6 total
    2. Check noise suppressor
    3. Inspect and service two primary hydraulic pumps
    4. Test backup hydraulic pump and motor
    5. Perform maintenance on backup motor as needed
    6. Inspect all door cylinders, valves, and hoses for possible problems
    7. Grease door rollers and swing gates
    8. Complete ERD maintenance and inspection
    9. Test operation of ERD

    Annual Service and Inspection:

    1. Includes Semi-Annual Inspection
    2. Change hydraulic and air filters on all power units Check all doors 39 total at each station for alignment (shim and adjust as necessary)
    3. Take a hydraulic oil sample and have tested
    4. Based on test results change oil (Oil should be changed every 2-3 years based on condition) ( Oil type per manufactures recommendation)

    Any company wishing to bid on this will be required to have its employees tested for TB within the last 12 months, and show proof of that test.  All persons entering the EMF will also be required to be fit tested in advance for an N-95 or higher filtration mask, or to be using a positive air pressure breathing device.

    This would also include any representative of your company that arrives for the mandatory pre-bid meeting.

    Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting & Site Inspection:

    There will be a mandatory pre-bid meeting at 11:00am on Sept. 25, 2018 on the lower level of the Living World building

    Emergency Hydraulic Services Bid Documents 2018

  • SCOPE OF WORK: Provide the necessary material, labor, and permits for the replacement of two water heaters and two storage tanks. The documents includes specifications and drawings. The work shall be staged in phases, as to limit the down time of any hot water and tempered water to the building. The existing system consists but not limited to two gas fired water heaters, two large storage tanks, thermostatic mixing valves, expansion tank, flues, miscellaneous piping, valves, fittings, insulation, dilution canisters, regulators, and hangers.

    MANDATORY PRE-BID MEETING & SITE INSPECTION: On Sept. 7, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. in The Living World building on Government Drive in Forest Park, lower level.

    BID DATE: Sealed bids marked with project name will be accepted on or before  submitted to the Distribution Center on Wells Drive at Gate 5, and opened publicly in the FM Conference Room, immediately thereafter.

    Herpetarium Water Heater Bid Docs

    Herpetarium Schematic 1

    Herpetarium Schematic 2

    Herpetarium Hanger and Supports for Plumbing Piping and Equipment

    Herpetarium Valves

    Herpetarium Meters and Gages

    Herpetarium Fuel-Fired, Domestic-Water Heaters

    Herpetarium Domestic Water Piping

    Herpetarium Plumbing Insulation

    Herpetarium Basic Plumbing Materials and Methods DEPT SUBMASTER

    Herpetarium Basic Plumbing Requirements


    Modifications to existing River’s Edge fencing and installation of new fencing throughout River’s Edge.


    On 9/11/2018 at 2:00 PM in The Living World building on Government Drive in Forest Park, lower level.

    Saint Louis Zoo Rivers Edge Fence Modification 2018 RFP

    Rivers Edge Fence Modification Specification

    Rivers Edge Fence Modification Images

    Rivers Edge Fence Modification Drawings

Contact for all bids:

Patrick Williamson, C.P.M.
Director, Purchasing and Distribution
Direct: (314) 646-4631
Zoo: (314) 781-0900, ext. 4631
Fax: (314) 646-5533
Saint Louis Zoo
One Government Drive
St. Louis, MO 63110

Bid Policies

The Saint Louis Zoo enjoys the support of the community through the Metropolitan Zoological Park & Museum District. For this reason, the Zoo makes every effort to return that support by contracting with qualified businesses within the District (comprised of St. Louis and St. Louis County) whenever possible.