The Saint Louis Zoo regularly advertises requests for proposals for products and services.

Whenever feasible and appropriate, the Zoo will also post listings of bid opportunities on the Web. We have two areas of bid opportunities - general, which includes goods and services for the day to day operations of the Zoo, and facilities, which include improvements to the Zoo's physical grounds.

Invitation to Bidders

Saint Louis Zoo Uniform & T-Shirt 2016 RFP


The Saint Louis Zoo is accepting proposals for providing uniform and special event clothing items. Although the Zoo may make award on an item basis, the purpose of this request is to identify a single apparel vendor for all, except retail items. The Zoo will enter into a five-year contract, starting January 1, 2017, for supplying items called for in these specifications. The contract may be extended for two one year extensions upon mutual agreement.

Sealed proposals are due no later 11:00 a.m. on October 3,2016.


Apparel letter

Bid letter

Uniform Spreadsheet

Tees Spreadsheet

ZOO CONTACTS: If you have any questions, contact the individual listed below.

Patrick Williamson C.P.M., Director of Purchasing and Distribution or direct line 314-646-4631

Contact for all bids:

Patrick Williamson, C.P.M.
Director, Purchasing and Distribution
Direct: (314) 646-4631
Zoo: (314) 781-0900, ext. 4631
Fax: (314) 646-5533
Saint Louis Zoo
One Government Drive
St. Louis, MO 63110

Bid Policies

The Saint Louis Zoo enjoys the support of the community through the Metropolitan Zoological Park & Museum District. For this reason, the Zoo makes every effort to return that support by contracting with qualified businesses within the District (comprised of St. Louis and St. Louis County) whenever possible.