Courtney, Distribution/Mail Clerk

Courtney delivers and pick ups mail as well as assists with the deliveries to different departments of the Zoo. Coutney also helps out with tasks around the distribution center.

Outside of the Zoo he likes to play video games, bowl, play basketball and exercise.

"I love getting to meet all the new employees around here, learning their story and talking with everybody."

Glenn, Herpetarium Keeper

Glenn is responsible for the care and welfare of the animals in my department (Snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs...) including their husbandry, breeding, and general welfare.

Outside of the Zoo, Glenn enjoys traveling, video games, fishing,camping and many other things.

"I like working side by side with the animals."

Allison, Educator

Allison teaches the many class that takes place at the Zoo and after-school at Saint Louis Public Schools, including homeschool, field trip classes, and after-school programs during the school year as well as summer classes and specialty camps.   

Outside of the Zoo Allison loves crocheting, native gardening, hiking, and traveling when she can. 

"I love that I work with a creative and driven team in the Education department.  We all want to inspire the next generation of conservationists and foster a love of animals.  To be surrounded by people that inspire me and from which I can learn makes coming into work each day pretty easy."

Rebecca, Zoo Parents Program Coordinator

Rebecca is responsible for the data entry and fulfillment for the Zoo Parents Program which includes entering gifts and donor information into the Zoo's database, and assembling items for symbolic adoptions.

Outside of the Zoo, Rebecca enjoys reading, writing, anything to do with gorillas and elephants, photography, traveling to other zoos, and training for a 5K!

"The Saint Louis Zoo has always been my favorite place in the world. Now that I work here, I get to enjoy it every day. I love that no matter how different all of our jobs are, whether they are directly taking care of animals, working on the front end with donors and customers, or behind the scenes like me, we are all working hard for our individual animals and the conservation of animals in the wild."

Daysha, Visitor Relations Supervisor

Daysha's job is to make sure the visitors at the Zoo have the most pleasant experience they can have while they’re here.

Outside the Zoo, Daysha likes to hang out at home and attend various events and concerts around St. Louis.

"I like the fact that I can help everyone that’s here, whether it’s employees or visitors. It is very rewarding." 

Aliea, Assistant Manager at Café Kudu

Aliea loves getting to meet new people. It’s a diverse place to be and see the smiles on people’s faces when we meet their needs.

Aliea's favorite Animal is the red panda.

Outside of the Zoo she enjoys  roller skating, bowling and spending time with family and friends. 

Andy, Attractions Operator

Andy works with all our visitors and can be seen operating the various attractions all over the Zoo.

Outside of the Zoo he enjoys making music and hanging out with friends.

"I love making the kids smile and see them having a great time at the Zoo."