New Digital Book

The Saint Louis Zoo is proud to support a new children's book for iPad® and iPad2®, Chimps Should Be Chimps, created by the Lincoln Park Zoo's Project ChimpCARE in Chicago, IL. The book can be downloaded for free from the App StoreSM.

The engaging story is highlighted with bright, colorful and playful illustrations which seem to come to life with the stroke of a finger on the iPad screen.

This multisensory book includes the sounds of waterfalls, music and birds that help bring the characters to life.

Chimpanzee Awareness

Chimps Should Be Chimps is designed for early readers aged 3 - 8 years and offers an interactive and engaging story that aims to educate and shape kids' - and their parents' - perceptions about chimpanzees.

"Too often, first impressions about chimpanzees are formed by seeing them dressed in human clothes performing in movies or television shows," said Steve Ross, PhD, founder of Project ChimpCARE. "Unfortunately, recent research suggests that these impressions can be lasting and have detrimental consequences for this endangered species."

ChimpCARE is an initiative aimed at heightening awareness about the welfare of chimpanzees across the United States.

Learn more about chimpanzees.

The Story

Chimps Should Be Chimps provides kids, and their parents, with a different impression - one that looks at life from a chimpanzee's perspective. Through rhyming, lyrical prose, the story is told through the eyes of two chimpanzee characters: wise old Poe and his granddaughter, Lulu, who live among other chimpanzees at a local zoo.

The story highlights things that chimpanzees love to do including climbing and swinging in trees, fishing for termites, building nests and playing with other chimpanzees. The story also carefully conveys a message about things that do not make chimpanzees happy, such as being separated from their mother at an early age and being isolated from their peers so they can be used for performance in movies or circuses.

"The inspiration for the book came from trying to talk to my own kids about chimpanzees," explained Ross. "The story aims to relate how chimpanzees deserve to be free from these antiquated practices of being dressed up for human amusement. But perhaps just as importantly, it conveys to kids the importance of being yourself and believing in what comes naturally to you."

Free Download for iPad and iPad2

For more information about this new application, visit Chimps Should Be Chimps web site.

Currently, the book is not available on iPod or iPhone.

Download the book for free from the App StoreSM.

At the Zoo

The Zoo's education department will be using this book in age-appropriate classes and programs. See more about our year-round programs, or call (314) 646-4544.