A Zoo is Born

There's more to the Zoo's beginning than the 1904 World's Fair Flight Cage. The Zoo's beginning was made official with the formation of the Zoological Society of St. Louis in 1910. See more.

  • George Vierheller, the Zoo's first director, set out to attract international attention to the Saint Louis Zoo through the animal shows, newsreels and more. That tradition has continued throughout the Zoo's history, with animal stars and Zoo staff alike garnering worldwide acclaim. See more.

  • The 1970s to the present represents a great time of change for the Zoo, maybe the greatest in our history. This era gave us a campaign to gain tax support from the city and county residents, award-winning exhibit renovations and unprecedented growth in the Zoo's education and conservation efforts. See more.

Historical Photographs

Step back in time with these historical photographs. (To see captions while watching the slideshows, click the four arrows button on the bottom right for a full screen view and then click the "Show info" button on the top right. To change speed of slideshow, click "Options.")


Meg White describes her trip across the country to visit former Saint Louis Zoo animals

Eric Miller recalls the last days of a sick gorilla

Thodie Alexander explains his close relationship with the birds in the Flight Cage.

2002-2012 A Time of Transformation

Cover of Evolve publicationThe "Evolve" publication offers a quick review of the highlights of an eventful period for our Zoo, the years between 2002 and 2012. This publication shows that over the past several years, our Zoo has achieved notable status across the globe for our conservation initiatives. We've exploded in size, expanded our reach and become a leading attraction not only for St. Louis area residents but for visitors to our region.

Milestones, Progress