Geographical Range Central and South America (native range); introduced to Australia and many Pacific islands and other tropical areas
Habitat Various habitats, including forests, woodlands, grasslands, yards, urban areas
Scientific Name Bufo marinus
Conservation Status Common

This large toad averages a whopping ten inches in length! But it won’t win any beauty contests: it has numerous wart-like glands on its body and legs. If the toad is threatened, it can eject a spray of toxic fluid from glands located behind its eyes.

The giant marine toad feeds on just about any insect or invertebrate it can get into its large mouth. In fact, its greedy appetite is one reason the toad is found around the world. People brought it from its native range to other continents to help control crop-eating insects. But the plan backfired. In Australia, for example, the toad (known there as the cane toad) was imported to eat sugar cane beetles. But it did its job too well; it has over-multiplied and upset the balance of nature.