Geographical Range Mediterranean region, Near East, Africa, North and South America, West Indies, southeastern Asia, Pacific Islands, Australia
Habitat Flooded fields, grasslands, farmlands, wet pastures
Scientific Name Bubulcus ibis
Conservation Status Common

Cattle egrets are the least aquatic members of the heron family. Though they do occur in wetlands, they are frequently found near wet pastures and on ranches and farms that have plentiful livestock.

The birds' name comes from their habit of eating insects off the backs of cattle. They also eat insects that are kicked up by the movements of livestock and other large animals. In some regions, the egrets even learn to follow large farm machinery to catch the insects they flush out of hiding!

Cattle egrets are mostly white, but during breeding season they sport a brownish crown and chest. Adults have yellow or orange legs and bills. They are very social birds. They gather in large colonies, along with other bird species.