Geographical Range North America, South America
Habitat Marshes, swamps, lagoons, lakes
Scientific Name Plegadis chihi
Conservation Status Not listed by IUCN

This is the only ibis that ranges as far as the western United States. It is a dark, medium-sized marsh bird with a long curved bill, which it uses to probe in the water for a variety of small animals, including crustaceans, insects, fish and amphibians.

The white-faced ibis overlaps with other ibises only in coastal Texas and Louisiana. It is often mistaken for the glossy ibis, another dark-feathered wading bird. The white-faced ibis, however, has a white border completely surrounding its face, as well as red eyes and red legs.

The species declined in the 20th century because of pesticide use, but is now making a modest comeback in much of its range.