Geographical Range Africa
Habitat Various habitats, including deserts, scrublands, gardens
Scientific Name Dicranorrhina micans
Conservation Status Not listed by IUCN

Many consider this beetle a living African jewel because of its metallic green exoskeleton (covering). Like all beetles, the green metallic scarab beetle has hardened forewings called "elytra." In scarabs and many other beetles, the elytra protect the delicate hind wings, used for flying. (In some other beetles, like the Bess beetle, the elytra are fused and the beetles can't fly.)

The scarab family is a large group of beetles with more than 20,000 species. It includes the dung beetles, which roll animal droppings into balls and bury them, the sacred scarabs worshipped by ancient Egyptians, and the Goliath beetle, the heaviest insect in the world.