It’s All about Family

Jade was born on February 25, 2007, the first baby born to Rani and the second for Raja, the baby's father. Raja was the first elephant ever born at the Saint Louis Zoo. Another daughter of Raja, Maliha, was born to Ellie on August 2, 2006.

Nowadays Jade can often be found outside with her River's Edge family. One of her favorite activities is to swim and splash in her pool.

Surviving an Illness

In 2009, Jade was diagnosed with Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV), a virus potentially fatal to elephants. Today she and her sister Maliha test negative for EEHV and enjoy their normal active childhood. Because EEHV is never gone, however, their caretakers continue to monitor them closely, as they do the entire elephant herd.

A cooperative multi-institutional research effort to study EEHV and find a cure has been underway for the last several years. This study is driven by North American elephant care facilities and researchers and is facilitated by the International Elephant Foundation. The Saint Louis Zoo and other elephant facilities have been actively contributing samples to this research effort since before Jade and Maliha were even born.

A Global Effort

The Asian elephant is facing extinction in the wild. There are fewer than 35,000 Asian elephants left in the wild. The Saint Louis Zoo cares about elephants in zoos and in the wild. We are actively involved with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Species Survival Plan for Asian elephants, a national cooperative breeding and management program. In partnership with the International Elephant Foundation the Zoo supports the welfare and conservation of the Asian elephants in Sumatra, Sri Lanka and other countries in Asia. The Saint Louis Zoo also conserves African elephants in Kenya through its partnership with the Northern Rangelands Trust.