Geographical Range Canada and the United States, including Alaska
Habitat Rivers and streams
Scientific Name Lontra canadensis
Conservation Status Common

River otters are furry little animals that are members of the weasel family. They live and play in family groups.

Otters like to slide down steep slopes, dive and fish for food, or juggle pebbles and shells in their paws. They may play hide and seek in tall grass, toboggan on their stomachs down a snowy hill, or play follow the leader through the water.

Though they live on land, they are well adapted for life in rivers and streams. Their shape is long and sleek to slip through the water, and their feet are webbed. They have dense oily fur which sheds water. Their ears and nose close shut when they dive underwater.

Otters eat a wide variety of foods, mainly fish, frogs and insects. Their favorite treat is crayfish.