Geographical Range Southeastern Asia, both mainland and Indonesia
Habitat Dense forests, glades, grasslands
Scientific Name Bos javanicus
Conservation Status Endangered

These shy wild cattle browse on leafy foliage in their dense jungle habitat, but will also move to open glades and grasslands to graze.

Both male and female banteng calves are born with red coats. During their first year of life, juvenile bantengs develop their characteristic white stockings and rump patches. At this time juvenile banteng bulls' coats gradually turn from red to black.

Being shy has not protected these wild cattle from becoming endangered. Hunting pressure and loss of habitat to humans throughout their native range in southeastern Asia has endangered this species. Wild cattle habitat is prime habitat for domestic cattle and the introduction of disease from livestock also threatens bantengs in the wild.

Did You Know?

Banteng bulls have black coats and banteng cows have chestnut coats.