Geographical Range India (where first domesticated); introduced worldwide
Habitat Various habitats, associated with human settlements
Scientific Name Bos primigenius indicus
Conservation Status Not listed by IUCN

The dwarf zebu is a breed of domestic cattle that is descended from the zebu, one of the world’s oldest breeds of cattle, and the sacred cow of India. It is a tropical animal, able to tolerate hot climates, most tropical diseases, and ticks.

Dwarf zebus have a large flap of skin under their neck (called a dewlap) and a hump on their withers. If food and water is scarce, they can live off the fat and muscle stored in their hump.

The milk and meat production of zebus doesn’t rival that of many other cattle breeds, but zebus serve as excellent draft animals. In India, they’re commonly used to pull plows and carts. In fact, there are estimates that the 200 million+ zebus provide more power in that country than all of the Indian electric plants combined!