Geographical Range Africa, south of the Sahara to northern South Africa
Habitat Forests, wooded savannahs
Scientific Name Potamochoerus porcus
Conservation Status Common

This wild pig really likes the night life! The red river hog is most active at night, and one important activity is searching for food. The hog uses its snout like a plow to dig up roots, but this pig isn’t picky: it also eats fruits, grasses, insects, reptiles, etc. After a night of feeding and traveling, the animal rests during the day in burrows it digs in well-forested areas.

Red river hogs live in family groups, each led by a dominant male and usually having four to six members. A male and female pair mate for life, and the male plays an active role in caring for and defending the young.

Did You Know?

Don’t let the short legs fool you: Red river hogs are fast runners (and good swimmers)!