Geographical Range Central Africa
Habitat Forests, wooded grasslands
Scientific Name Colobus guereza
Conservation Status Threatened

These monkeys are found throughout the forests of central Africa. Because the leaves they eat are low in calories and thus deliver less energy, colobus monkeys adapt by reducing their activity level. They also have a "sacculated" stomach that helps ferment bacteria and digest leaf matter.

Infants are born white with a pink face. Mothers allow other females to hold their infants soon after birth. Colobus live in small to large groups with single or multiple adult males.

Did You Know?

Some types of colobus monkey are in danger of extinction (see Conservation Status).

Baby Colobus

See story on Fox2.

Baby Simon was born at the Primate House on December 30, 2014. Cecelia, age 16, is an experienced mother who is taking great care of her newborn and 2-year-old daughter Kivuli. Also in the family is 27-year-old matriarch Roberta, mother to 2-1/2-year-old daughter Pili and 1-year-old daughter Binti. Nine-year-old father Kima watches proudly over the family.

A new infant is always the focus of much excitement and attention for the family. It's important for everyone to have a role in the care of the newborn. Older sister Kivuli has taken particular interest in her new baby brother and is often seen holding or even carrying him. She's learning important skills that will help her become a great mother, too, someday.