Geographical Range Australia
Habitat Plains
Scientific Name Macropus rufus
Conservation Status Common

Red kangaroos are the largest marsupials (pouched mammals). Female kangaroos can have three joeys (babies) "under construction" at one time -- one out of the pouch but still nursing, one in the pouch, and one as an embryo awaiting its turn.

Red kangaroos live in mobs on the plains of Australia, where they dine on grasses and leaves. Reddish-brown males and smaller grey females can cover a distance of 25 feet in one leap, often traveling as fast as 30 mph. Fighting between two males over females is common. Males use their large tails to balance as they stand upright, lock forearms and try to push their opponent with their rear legs.

Red kangaroos were once considered to be pests and were threatened by overhunting, but with protection the wild populations have rebounded.

Did You Know?

Baby kangaroos are the size of lima beans when they are born.