Geographical Range Northeastern South America, Lesser Antilles, and Trinidad and Tobago
Habitat Forests, savannahs, cultivated areas
Scientific Name Dasyprocta leporina aguti
Conservation Status Common

The agouti is a medium-sized rodent that prefers to live alone, or in mated pairs during the breeding season. It spends its waking hours searching for fallen fruit, nuts and other plant matter to eat. It sleeps in underground burrows or in hollow trees.

Agoutis are constantly on the alert for danger, their large ears listening for predators, or for the sound of dropping fruit. Their long hind legs are designed for a fast getaway when they sense danger. Their strong gnawing teeth can crack shells of nuts and fruits that many other animals cannot eat.

An agouti may bury extra fruit to eat later, but often neglects to dig it up again. In this way, it unknowingly helps many kinds of trees scatter their seeds through the rainforest.

The St. Vincent's agouti is a subspecies of golden agouti.