Geographical Range Amazon Basin in South America
Habitat Rain forests, near water
Scientific Name Corallus caninus
Conservation Status Not listed by IUCN

Here is an example of a species perfectly adapted for its habitat. This tree-dwelling snake's lush green color and compact coils help it hide among the foliage of the South American rainforest. Its powerful yet agile body gives the boa a firm grip as it climbs from branch to branch. In fact, this snake is so secure in the trees that it rarely descends to the ground.

Notice the small holes along the boa's upper lip? They are heat-sensitive pits that help the animal find its warm-blooded prey, which includes birds and small mammals.

Did You Know?

Like all boas, these snakes give birth to live babies. They are yellow-orange when they hatch, but become green by the time they reach their first birthday.